1# Uncommonsessions—On domestic paces and education
Tuesday 5 October
10am–5pm Belgium time
Situated in the library of Sint Lucas School of Art Antwerp

This canvas is both an experiment and a prototype. Each participant has access to only one tool, restricting the individual interaction and accelerating the cooperative process aiming for a collaborative result.


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1# Uncommonsessions — On domestic spaces and education
Tuesday 5 October
10am – 5pm Belgium Time
Situated in the library of Sint Lucas School of Art Antwerp

Hosted by Joud Toamah and Kinda Ghannoum on mapping educational experiences in domestic environments. This ‘uncommonsession' is given in the context of Naively Radical Research Week, by SLARG (Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group) and Kunsthal Extra City.

Uncommonsessions is a neighbourhood for channeling a pluriverse design discourse. A digital space designed and conceptualized by PING, rooted in the Disarming Design from Palestine network. It engages with cross-educational models and operates at the intersection of design, open-source and politics. Uncommonsessions collaborates with design schools to shape collective methods of mutual learning and exchange, developing context specific vocabularies, ideas and common projects. Over time we aim to explore and expand design practices for solidarity, social transformation and political action.

Concept by Annelys de Vet
Concept, design and Identity by PING (Miquel Hervas Gomez, Sascha Krischock, Agustina Woodgate)
Open source Compagnon Roman typeface by Juliette Duhé + Léa Pradine via Velvetyne
Repository here
Supported by Stimuleringsfonds

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