Uncommonsessions is a neighborhood for channeling a pluriverse discourse designed and conceptualized by PING. It engages with cross-educational models and operates at the intersection of design, tools, open-source and politics.

Hosting ONLINE and ONSITE Sessions Uncommonsessions propose an experimental space for collaborative production.

ONLINE sessions are hosted by selecting one of the three different channels: Image, Voice and Words. Each channel presents a different format for participants to engage through a common tool in an uncommon way. Designed with restrictive functions, collaboration becomes the only way of achieving a successful outcome.

ONSITE sessions are hosted on location transferring the same principles of the ONLINE sessions but responding to site and time specific conditions.

Uncommonsessions collaborates with design schools and education platforms to shape collective methods of mutual learning and exchange, developing context specific vocabularies, ideas and common projects. It aims to explore and expand design practices for solidarity, social transformation and political action.

Code of conduct

UncommonSessions is a learning environment where possible futures, fearless collectivities and desired technologies can be experimented. We strive to create a safe environment for participants where complex topics can be shared and discussed. Our positioning is one of risk-taking and trial and error in which rigor and critique meet with humor, insecurity, tension, ambiguity and mistakes.

We hope that everyone who participates in UncommonSessions is respectful and takes care of each other. In the interest of creating an inclusive environment, we do not tolerate sexism, racism, queer antagonism, ableism and other kinds of oppression.

UncommonSessions guarantees anonymity to all participants. Sessions are not being saved. The content created is only accessible by the people in the session.

We use Free, Libre and Open Source software whenever possible.


Conceived by Annelys de Vet and the Disarming Design from Palestine network

Concept, design and Identity by PING: Miquel Hervas Gomez, Sascha Krischock, Agustina Woodgate.

Programming in collaboration with Nick Reilly.

Proof tested by students of Birzeit University (Palestine), Sint Lucas Antwerpen (Belgium), and Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Edited open source Compagnon Roman typeface by Juliette Duhé + Léa Pradine via Velvetyne

Repository here

Supported by Stimuleringsfonds


For any inquiries, reach us at: emailping@gmail.com

We are available to host workshops or guide you on how to host one.

We are also happy to discuss how this platform can be adapted or built upon.

Past Sessions Online

1# Uncommonsessions — On domestic spaces and education

Tuesday 5 October 2021

10am – 5pm Belgium Time

Situated in the library of Sint Lucas School of Art Antwerp

Hosted by Joud Toamah and Kinda Ghannoum on mapping educational experiences in domestic environments. This ‘uncommonsession' is given in the context of Naively Radical Research Week, by SLARG (Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group) and Kunsthal Extra City.

2# Uncommonsessions — Image

Tuesday 17 January 2023

14am – 17pm Belgium Time

3# Uncommonsessions — Voice

Tuesday 7 February 2023

14am – 17pm Belgium Time

4# Uncommonsessions — Words

Tuesday 14 March 2023

14am – 17pm Belgium Time

Past Sessions Onsite

5# Uncommonsessions in Birzeit

Monday 8 - Thursday 11 April 2023

14am – 17pm Palestinian Time

Uncommon - sessions
üncömmön - sëssïöns
UncOmmOn - sEssIOns
Uncommon Sessions is an experimental space for collaborative production. Composed of three different channels, each one presents a different format inviting participants to engage through a common tool in an uncommon way.